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Math Mentors

People who inspire us and have shaped our pedagogy. We are so excited that all of our mentors have agreed to be featured on our wesbite, and are truy grateful for their support. 


Steve Wyborney

Award Winning Teacher and Instructional Coach

Steve Wyborney creates and shares FREE activities perfect for Math Warm Ups. His activities promote critical thinking, problem solving and rich mathematical discussions in our classrooms, which provide meaningful opportunities to introduce and use mathematical vocabulary. Our students cheer when they hear it's time for our Wyborney Wednesday activities, because they are THAT engaging! Be sure to visit his website and check out his FREE resources. SPLAT, EstiMysteries, Melting Cubes and Estimation Clipboard are some of our favourites!

John and Jane Felling

Owners, Authors and Consultants for Box Cars and One-Eyed Jacks

These 2 amazing humans and outstanding educators started creating  math game resources many years ago, and we were so fortunate to have found Box Cars and One-Eyed Jacks early on in our careers. They have had a profound impact on our pedagogy and teaching math through a hands-on games based approach. What we love is that besides being super fun and engaging, the majority of their games need only dice or cards. Their resources and games keep evolving and remain favourites of both our students and ours. 


Professor of Mathematics at Stanford, author and cofounder of Youcubed


Dr. Jo Boaler

When you think of progressive, research based best practices in math, Dr. Jo Boaler’s name probably comes to mind right away. As a mathematics professor at Stanford University, the cofounder of the phenomenal website Youcubed, and author of 9 books including the best-selling “Mathematical Mindsets”, she is keen to inspire educators and students alike to develop open and creative mathematical mindsets through engaging math tasks. She is an outstanding Mathematics educator, and we are better math teachers, with stronger pedagogy, because of her influence. We frequently use her free Youcubed tasks with our students with great fanfare. 


Dr. Ted Lewis

Professor emeritus, University of Alberta, co-founder of SNAP Math Fairs

Dr. Ted Lewis, is a highly regarded Prof. emeritus from the University of Alberta, where he taught thousands of education students the importance of teaching math through a games based approach, with a focus on the importance of logic games and puzzles. He is a founding member of SNAP math fairs and several MMMathMania members have had the honour of attending the Ted Lewis Workshop on SNAP Math Fairs . We are most appreciative that Dr. Lewis has granted MMMathMania to share his SNAP math resources, and as our world returns to a post-covid normal, we can’t wait to share with you videos on how you can host your own SNAP math fair with your students!

recovering traditionalist.jpg

Christina Tondevold

Teacher educator, Author, Podcast host, Founder of Build Math Minds

Christina has been instrumental in Building many Math Minds. She is a former middle school math teacher who learned, and taught, math the traditional way.  She soon realized that many students do not learn math the same way we were taught back in the day".  This realization helped her create her Build Math Minds website where she helps teachers on their own journey of moving from the traditional drill & kill type teaching to a balanced approach of helping kids build their conceptual understanding. She does this by using a student-centered approach to ensure that students will be enthusiastic about math and significantly increase their math understanding and achievement. She is dedicated to making math lovable for both students and teachers, and as such organizes an annual and informative Virtual Math Summit, hosts the Build Math Minds Podcast and offers a variety of engaging PD sessions available online. We have learned so much about the teaching of mathematics and encourage you to check out her site to build your Mathematical Mind!

AKA The Recovering Traditionalist
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