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Early Numeracy Games

"base ten garbage can"

Yes, you can play one of our most popular games with younger children! In this video we show you how you can modify the game garbage can to play with younger children using the base ten model.

"matho for early numeracy"

Watch how you can play one of our most popular games with children as young as 3 years old to develop number sense and number recognition skills!!

"the doubles song"

Music is such a great way to learn! Have fun singing this song to help your children learn their doubles addition facts!

"spider legs"

A fun, no prep game with a bit of a Halloween feel (although it can also be played by children who do not celebrate Halloween). For our early numeracy version, Silvia show you how you can use dominoes to have children focus on the skill of subitizing. 

The following games are some of our favourites to use with young children to help them develop their number sense and early  numeracy skills. 

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