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Addition Games


A fun, NO prep game of chance, probability and risk while practicing addition to 100. Will quickly become one of your family favourites!!

"garbage can"

A fun, no prep game to practice multi digit addition. Easy to differentiate! Another one of our top games your family is sure to love!

"roll 9 jackpot"

A fun, NO prep game of chance, number sense and risk while practicing addition. Easy to differentiate!

Click on the image below to download your own FREE copy of an optional student recording sheet for Roll 9 jackpot. 

Roll 9 Jackpot.jpg

"risky math"

A fun, NO prep game that combines, addition with strategy and an element of chance! This game is copyrighted by

"more addition games coming soon...stay tuned"

Our favorite games that help develop fluency and confidence with addition.

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